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Current Metal Prices

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Metal Price
Aluminum (per pound) $0.45
Aluminum dirty (irony) $0.10
Aluminum Radiator / condensor (clean) $0.40
Aluminum Rims (No Tire) each $8.00
Auto Brass Radiators (per pound) $1.00
Brass (per pound) $1.35
Car Batteries (each) $8.00
Cardboard (accepted-no value) $0.00
Cars (Per hundred lbs) complete $6.50
Cars (per hundred lbs) incomplete $5.50
Computer tower (per pound) $0.08
Copper #1 (per pound) $2.30
Copper #2 (per pound) $2.20
Copper Brite Wire (per pound) $2.40
Copper lite/sheet (per pound) $2.10
Copper/Aluminum (per pound) $0.85
Electric Motors (per pound ) $0.13
Ins.Copper wire- low grade(per lb) $0.55
Insulated Copper Wire (per pound) $0.95
Lead (per pound) $0.30
Long Steel (per hundred) $7.00
Short Steel/Cast Iron (per hundred) $8.00
Stainless Steel-clean (per lb) $0.35
Stainless Steel-dirty (per lb) $0.00
Tin / Lite Iron (per hundred) $6.00

Recycling Scrap Metal

We Buy Scrap MetalSoutheast Auto Recycling is a scrap metal processing center. We purchase both ferrous and non-ferrous metals from individuals and professional scrap collectors. We are the first stop in the collection and recycling process.

Top Prices Paid for Your Scrap Metal

At Southeast Auto Recycle we keep a close watch on all of the metal markets, ensuring that you receive only the best price available. We provide each customer with professional, accurate and fast service, getting you in and out as quickly as possible.

Types of Scrap Metal

We purchase scrap metals in all forms and quantities. The types of materials include: Iron, Stainless Steel, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Aluminum, Cast Iron and much more.

Scrap Machinery & Equipment

We Buy Scrap MetalWe also specialize in the purchase of all types of working or non-working salvageable machinery and equipment such as; Heat Exchangers, Boilers, Turbines, Chillers, Tanks, Pumps, Valves, Flanges, Transformers, Generators, Electric Motors, Circuit Breakers, all types of Electrical Wire and Cable, Washing Machines, Dryers and even car batteries.

Large Capacity Recycling Center

Whether you have a trunk full of scrap metal or a trailer load, Southeast Auto Recycle has the capability to handle any volume, large or small.